The final manufacturing step to complete your PCB order is to remove each board from the larger panel upon which it was fabricated. Depending on the method of assembly and your assembly partner chosen, one of these three options will meet your needs. 

During the manufacturing process, Sunstone offers three options for routing:

  • Individual : The board perimeter is routed to the outline and size provided.  
    • ValueProto®  product, this outline must be a continuous route path using an 0.093” diameter router.
    • For route paths that require smaller notches and arcs, these are available with a router diameter down to 0.031.” Available for PCBExpress(R) and PCBpro(R) 
  • Palletization
    Combine the boards into an array using tabs at the board edge or tabs with perf holes (optional). This option will space the boards approximately 0.1” apart. A standard (1/2") frame is added to the perimeter of the array. This selection can be helpful for boards being assembled by automated means.  Overhanging components may need special attention, be sure to list those on the quote form when you select tab routing.
  • V-Score
    Combine the boards into an array separated by only a score line for break apart after assembly. Jump scoring available for the layouts that require scoring and are not a classic array. Requires copper back set 0.015” from board outline to accommodate the score blade width.
V-Score Depth/Angle