ValueProto® PCB Prototype Services

Sunstone’s ValueProto® PCB Prototype service offers an affordable option for ordering quantities up to 100 circuit boards with 1-6 layers. These boards are perfect for special projects that don’t require extensive options and where value pricing is important. ValueProto is a great way to stick to your budget, while still getting the dependable quality and service of a Sunstone-made board. 

Keep your project on track and get your boards when you need them. Need them fast? Not a problem. Sunstone offers flexible lead times from 1 day to 3 weeks. 

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ValueProto Features

  • Flexible lead times
  • Free UPS ground shipping
  • Up to 2 sides green solder mask with white legend (optional)
  • Finished hole sizes per your files (+/- 0.005") *Holes >0.250" are considered cutouts.
  • Shape is not limited to rectangles
  • Dedicated Customer support
  • Tin / Lead Solder or Immersion Silver (ROHS) finish

ValueProto Parameters:

The OneQuote form will inform you which service level of PCB that you have configured, but if you design your files up front with these parameters in mind, you can keep your cost as economical as possible.


 ValueProto Configuration Parameters
Layers 0-6 Thickness 0.062" Material FR-4 150Tg min.
Engineering Level Limited Review Board size 14" max (72 in2 per board max.) Solder mask sides none, 1 or 2
Copper Weight 1 oz finished Inspection Standard IPC-A-600 class 2 only Solder mask Color Green only
Min. Copper Trace 0.006" Smallest Drilled hole 0.015" Silk Screen Sides 0, 1 or 2
Min. Space 0.006" Electrical Test Yes Silk Screen color White only
Routing Options Individual only Lead time options Same day to 15 day Surface Finish Options Immersion Silver or Tin Lead (HASL)
Slots Up to 8 slots + cutouts Design Review Options Run as sent. UL marking No
Cutouts* Up to 8 slots + cutouts (plated cutouts not available) Plated Edges No Lot code marking No
ITAR No Controlled Impedance No Date code marking No
Via fill No Custom Stack up Standard stack ups only Serialization No
Counter Sinks No Counter bore No Controlled depth milling No
Gold Fingers No Blind / buried vias No First Article Inspection No
* Hole sizes >0.250" are considered cutouts