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Some of what people say about Sunstone Circuits

Our goal is to make Sunstone Circuits the easiest Internet site for quoting and ordering circuit boards online. As a result, our customers enjoy our product quality, service and on-time deliveries.

Since 1972, we've been manufacturing printed circuit boards for our customers. We will help you make your PCBs from prototype through production from layout to finished product, on time and within spec. 

But don't take our word for it, listen to what out customers have to say...

  • The boards were perfect, and I built up six, all of which work. I even had to remove some difficult components after I'd soldered them, which required a LOT of heat, and there was no trace delamination! I also learned what changes to make for future PCBs to improve my ability to solder thru-hole components. Sunstone is GREAT, even going the extra mile in both preliminarily reviewing the board after hours on the day of submission (because my designer was leaving on vacation the next day) and the next day making changes to the solder mask that should have been done on my end (after my designer had left!), and I'm recommending Sunstone to anyone I know who needs fast turn around. Thank you once again.
    Steven Martin Cohen, Engineer/Author
  • I’ve been using Sunstone for decades now, and just like all the projects I’ve done with Sunstone, there were no surprises. Everything went just as it was supposed to, and the board is performing fine. You’re lucky to work for such a great company. In my experience it’s very rare to find the kind of competence and compassion that Sunstone has. You might find one, or the other, but not both. Very rare. Anyway thanks again, if I could I would be working with Sunstone every day.
    Kevin W, Timbercon
  • Your new web site is great and I did use your Customer Support Team this morning to get on the new site and get the new quote. Tim was absolutely great, I wish all the Vendors I deal with worked as effortlessly and helpful because my order and prep for it went smoothly this morning.
    Doug E., WCG
  • Thanks for the e-mail. You are the best and I’m loving our experience with Sunstone so far – smooth ordering, responsive staff, discounts and shipping a day early. I could not be happier and just wanted to express that to you directly!! Hopefully I got the design right this time and we can place a production quantity order in the near future. Thanks again!!
    Jamie C, Customer
  • Hi Bob, and everyone at Sunstone Customer Support. You guys are fantastic. I just received the box of goodies, and it made my day. Your PCB123 software is so much easier to use than any other software I've tried, nobody else can come close to your fast lead times, and your customer support has always been incredible. I would (and do) recommend you guys to anyone looking to design a custom circuit. Thanks again for all you've done over the years. I have some new designs in the works, and will definitely be ordering from you when they are ready.
    Mike Bell, ARCON Welding Equipment
  • "We received the order on time and the boards are exactly as specified – excellent work! The order process was absolutely painless, and we had no holds or other issues. The ability to have you guys convert from my original Altium board file was extremely useful. We will certainly continue to use Sunstone for future circuit board orders."
    Alex M., Customer
  • The process was easy and fast. You guys killed it!! Got the pcb looked and worked great. Totally would recommend you guys. Thanks.
    Paul Spears,
  • "The process with Sunstone just makes our work life easier. Fast quotes, an expert on the other end of the line-it really supports our competitive advantage."
    Mark Kuhn, Oat Foundry
  • Thank you for providing such a good service! I use Sunstone Circuits as my go-to for prototypes and one-off PCB spins. The variety of services that Sunstone provides helps me to reduce cost during the development stage of a product, and to construct quality, one-off board assemblies for devices such as test-fixtures. Populating prototype PCBs in-house provides quick feedback on designs, and the opportunity to bring a board up one section at a time with rework if necessary. It also helps to assure that the documentation our local CMs will be receiving is in good order before the build is outsourced. All of this helps us to locally produce reliable products in a timely fashion, and Sunstone Circuits’ services are an important part of this process. Regarding a case study, now is probably not the time. Our company is growing at a rapid rate, and our processes are adjusting to meet those needs. Thank you for reaching out to offer the possibility for publicity that this could provide, however! I’m glad to know that we are one of your top customers, and I look forward to doing more business with you and your team soon.
    Oliver Greaves , Novacentrix
  • My first experience in this industry could not have gone any smoother. Beautiful quality and fantastic people to work with. Quick turn around, too! Thank you Sunstone!
    Dan Nardini, MBL
  • When I arrive at the office this morning I was blown away to find that there was a box waiting for me from Sunstone, and it had a complete new set of boards inside. You have amazing customer support and responded to my problem with amazing speed, proven by your ability to turn out a new set of boards and ship them out in a single weekend. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, I greatly appreciate it.
    Michael Congdon, Starfire Industries - Champaign, IL
  • “I've been designing circuits for over 45 years. You guys are amazing; the DFMplus service is exactly what I needed!”
    Mike Fleming, Electrical Engineer
  • “The first time I used the DFMplus service, I was very impressed. Later, I submitted some more complex boards and found the reports to be extremely helpful in identifying design issues. I usually use your PCBExpress service, and DFMplus gives me great confidence about getting accurate designs for my future board projects.”
    Jeff Bates, Impinj
  • "Your customer service really knows how to address the needs of its customers. Not only in the order process, but also in being very reactive to help stop an order before it got put into the system. Not only does this save time and funds, but it really goes to show how well your company works with its customers for repeat business. Thank you very much! Your quality, delivery, pricing and customer service are all the ingredients for a “Best In Class” company. All other companies should use you as their benchmark."
    S. Daigle, - Austin, Texas
  • "I've been actively using Sunstone since 2006. I've come to appreciate greatly the consistency of a high level of performance against promise delivery dates, quality product, competitive prixing and a very strong customer support group. Any questions or issues with fab data files are raised quickly and resolved real time. Since many of my designs are time critical to meet proof of concept or sales samples, it's critical to have a supplier that can be counted on. And this is why after 7 years I'm still a "Sunstone" guy. Thank you Sunstone and looking forward to the next board engagement."
    Greg Martocello, - Rochester, New York
  • "Many of my students and colleagues don't have ready access to PCB fabricators that we can trust. Over the years we've relied on Sunstone to consistently deliver design advice, technical support and solid PCB products for all our research and projects. Sunstone has never let us down, that's why they are our partner of choice for research projects and product development efforts."
    Jeevan Persad, Electronics Product Designer
  • "Great service. Low price. Good quality. What else is there to say?"
    Todd Perrodin, Microchip Technology
  • "Sunstone Circuits is one of the most professional companies I have done business with. As I have said before, we have not done this before and working with you and your company has certainly made this an easier journey. Thank you for all of your efforts."
    Sy Sajjad, XBiometrics
  • "So far everything we have ordered thru you guys has come out exactly like designed and have not had any problems. One of the main reasons I have chosen Sunstone Circuits is the fact that I can order the PCBs without silk screen and without soldermask from your web site, most other places I would have to call the vendor to get this done, plus your prices are good."
    Robin Santini, Zyvex
  • "Great customer service team!"
    I. Jimenez, - Poway, California
  • "Easy website, friendly customer service (Sal). I'm happy with Sunstone and will keep ordering."
    F. Harwath, - Naperville, Illinois
  • "Customer service agent assisted throughout entire order process. Outstanding support!"
    B. Kilday, - Warrenton, Virginia
  • "Telephoned in for technical help and received good answers and suggestions."
    J. O'Shea, - Elgin, Illinois
  • "Excellent service, been using your services for years."
    J. Crabill, - Stafford, Virginia
  • "Nice file upload system, And the price is a pleasant surprise."
    C. Lane, - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • "Everyone's always friendly, and don't seem to mind (almost expect) that I'm in a rush."
    L. Flath, - Livermore, California
  • "Very smooth reorder process. Thanks...You took this job away from Advanced Circuits because you allowed a stepped matrix, of PCBs that was not allowed by Advanced Circuits. I like this approach - - just offer the service; let me figure out how to best utilize it to my advantage."
    J. Hamilton, - Wichita, Kansas
  • "Easy re-order! You've always been a great resource for me on the many prototype and low qty pcb builds I do."
    D. Burton, - McMinnville, Oregon
  • "You have always been very helpful when I have had questions with my order. You are the best!!!! Great customer support."
    J. Pulford, - Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • "AWESOME Technical and Customer service!! AWESOME, THANKS GUYS. Will be looking into assembly in near future."
    B. Moretz, - Lubbock, Texas
  • "Sunstone has always given me excellent service, often beyond what I've asked for. Thanks."
    D. Mertz, - Derwood, Maryland
  • "Much better pricing than Advanced. If quality is on par with them, you will start getting all my business. You were recommended to me and your prices beat the competition!! I do a lot of Quickturns for prototypes so pricing is important."
    T. Brannon, - Houston, Texas
  • "Wow! The new website is great. I've been using Sunstone Circuits services for several years. While the service has always been excellent, I'm constantly impressed to see how you guys keep improving."
    G. Conner, - Barrington, Rhode Island
  • "Your product is amazing and I will definitely use it again and recommend it to friends/companies. The concept of a truly integrated schematic, layout, followed by pcb delivery, is fully realized in your CAD software product. This method of design and manufacture of pcb has increased my ability to deliver, by reducing cycle time to develop the boards, while also reducing risk by using your integrated product. I also wanted to say a big thank you to the team there and especially Joe Phelps for the incredible and efficient support. Thanks again!"
    David Savage,
  • "I’ve been using Sunstone's CAD software (PCB123) since the conception of this project last May. The results and service have far exceeded my expectations. The schematic software and layout tools cannot be beat (for free) and I have never experienced such timely and thorough support in my 10 years as an engineer."
    Bill Conley, FassTech
  • "I think the 'one stop shop' approach you are pioneering is much needed in the industry. Certainly modifies the way our company thinks about prototyping new products."
    Jeff Robinson, NetFabric Corp.
  • "I used your excellent products to design a series of circuit boards that went into an oceanography instrument this spring. We have just completed a busy summer of cruises and the instrument preformed perfectly, without a hitch. Were it not for your company I would not have had the design freedom and capability to produce the boards within our meager budget. I look forward to this next design. Thanks a million."
    Glenn H. May, Scientific Applications
  • "Hello folks at Sunstone's CAD Software, PCB123. I just placed my first order on Tuesday, received my boards on Thursday morning, and was AMAZED with the results. Beautiful! I can't wait to do more! Thanks!"
    Andrew McGeachie, Corestreet, Ltd.
  • "Just got the first boards...perfect!! Thanks for the help! What an easy process! Zero to finished boards in 2 weeks, including learning curve. I was dreading ordering a PADs or OrCad package for $5K and then spending weeks learning it. Your approach really is a good option for the R&D engineer."
    Bruce Sargeant, Device Labs
  • "Sunstone's CAD software, PCB123, really does all the things I wanted -- and much more!!! It reduced the number of traces by about a third - and it looks very pretty! The new libraries are GREAT too! You really blow the competition out of the water!! And your support is FIRST RATE! Thanks for all the help! Will submit the board tomorrow!"
  • "Thank you for some VERY nice and cool CAD software, PCB123, I love the fact that it is free! :-) and I'm not by any means a PCB expert, and yet it took me <10 minutes to learn just about all of the software. Now that is good software."
    Alex Stewart, Energic Visions
  • "Thanks for the reply - the personal touch is excellent. Actually I've was so impressed I'm currently having you added as a supplier for use on future projects."
    Peter Vaughan, Power Integration Inc.
  • "I honestly have to commend you for the excellent service I've received by not only your company quality but to the personal help from your staff. You have gone way beyond what most vendors provide and I sincerely appreciate doing my business with you. I think to date I've run close to 5,000 various boards through you and have been very happy with them. Please keep up the good work!"
    Ralph Landry, Mountain Electronics
  • "I have NO complaints about Sunstone's Boards and services are ALWAYS of HIGHEST QUALITY & ON TIME DELIVERY!! I design and manufacture systems and boards for 3 different companies. At this point Sunstone Circuits is doing all our prototype and production boards! I run Primrose Technology and ReflexiveTech, Inc., and have not found a better board shop!"
    Paul Primrose, Primrose Technology
  • "Using Sunstone Circuits has been fast and easy, ordering online for the first time user like myself was very user friendly, and the tech support was top notch. I have used other companies in the past and their quality of product was quite disappointing. I just received your boards and they look excellent, I haven't found a reason to use any other company but Sunstone for my next project."
    Ryan S. Nichols, Indiana University Cyclotron Facility
  • "Thanks (Sunstone) very much. And isn't it about 1 am over there?! I'm impressed. I don't expect replies from U.S. west coast companies until I'm about ready to shut down myself on this side of the world."
    Jim Donnett, Bio-Signal Group
  • "You guys help me out a lot when time is tight and Managers begin to breath fire....I only have so many fireproof silk shirts...Thanks!!"
    P. Geantil, - Carlsbad, California
  • "All I can say, is I keep coming back, there must be a reason. Great job!!"
    J. Hamilton, - Mount Airy, Maryland
  • "Your customer support people are great! The response time and knowledge is excellent. Probably the best I have ever dealt with."
    P. O'Hanlon, - Kirkland, Washington
  • "It is difficult to find in one company a high level of all these 4 ingredients: 1) Quality (In over a dozen jobs, not once a bad board (out of 100's of boards)). This is the most important ingredient, since a bad prototype or production board represents an enormous loss of time. I have changed PCB houses as a result of this factor alone. You are doing a superb job so far. I plan to remain a loyal customer for as long as you keep turning out such quality in the boards we receive. 2) Price (Prices are generally lower compared to others, even comparing with very low cost houses) 3) Service (Willing to do special requests with a smile and efficiency-Rob in Pre-Engineering and Al in Sales are examples) 4) Easy to use (Immediate quote and easy ordering system) both, for prototype and production runs."
    Marcelo Jakubzick, MC Miller Co.
  • "I think your interactive web ordering process is improving each time I use it. Perhaps it is just me, but I'd like to see Layer 1 also called the TOP layer, and Layer 2 call also called the BOTTOM layer. I have to research it each time."
    J. Maurer, - Ames, Iowa
  • "I liked that I didn't have to re enter all the board information since I'd ordered the same boards in the past. It was a really easy process to re order."
    M. Childers, - Tigard, Oregon
  • "Well organized site, very much appreciate the "order wizard" step by step ordering process."
    J. Branch, - Camas, Washington