Avoiding Delays

There are several things you can check when placing your online order to avoid the common pitfalls that cause project delays. The most common issues that lead to delays are:

  1. Layer naming
    Not all CAD systems use the same naming convention, and not all designers use default stack ups. We do our best to interpret the data sent, but we would rather place an order on hold for verification rather than guess. Please provide documentation as to which order your inner layers go in if they are not identified by file name.
  2. Not all layers were uploaded
    We regularly have missing files, most notably outline layers and/or NC drill files. We will occasionally be able to find outlines on other/multiple layers of the design; however if the size does not match the size ordered, we will likely hold the order to verify. We do not generate drill files from drawings.
  3. Ordering form accuracy
    Please double check the order form for accuracy to ensure your order goes to the correct service line. If you require via fill, blind/buried vias or controlled impedance, etc, the boxes on the order form must be checked to avoid your order going on hold for re-quote or cancellation as these services require a Custom quote. A common hold issues is slots/cutouts located in files and not indicated on order form. Also the number of silk layers is often incorrect and many times top silk is the only item chosen when it is also required on the bottom.  Make sure that any cutouts and slots are included on the outline layer.
  4. Holes too close together (blowouts)
    When holes are placed too close together, this may cause drill bits to break. As a result, we may remove some holes from your design if they are perforation holes, or place the order on hold if the number of “break ins” is excessive or will cause issues with the board design. Please remember to account for the fact your drilled hole sizes will change.  Drilled holes with less than 0.006" between them are too close.  Please allow a minimum of 0.016" between holes in your design files.
  5. File Conversions/Native File Upload
    All 4 and 6 layer Limited Review designs will have an email sent back for approval, which can delay the order. Make sure to monitor your inbox for communication from our engineering team. Additionally, you need to make sure any necessary information is specified, such as layers in the design file that are necessary to create board layers completely. This is most often an issue for EAGLE software users and silkscreen files, but may be present depending on your software and usage. These types of issues may result in non-functional or non-conforming boards that require a repair or additional build.