PCB Design Services

Sunstone is not currently providing Layout Services, but is able to recommend these  PCB designers to provide you high-quality printed circuit board design services. Use these PCB designers to help you evaluate existing PCB prototypes or in the design of new printed circuit board prototypes.


Nine Dot Connects

Nine Dot Connects, we are a PCB centric organization, providing engineering design, PCB layout, training, coaching, and consulting on all aspects of the PCB.


ArtnetPro, Inc. 

PCB engineers that can help you in design verification, PCB reverse engineering, the power to ground check, remove nonfunctional pads, detect exposed copper, check pad to pad registration and other critical design engineering steps. They handle a large number of different formats and can check to make sure your design and PCB doesn’t have areas that could cause your PCB to fail.


Stratford Digital

Engineering design services company. Specializing in embedded designs and design for PCB, Stratford Digital offers turnkey product design. In addition, Stratford Digital can offer design assistance at any step in the design process: From circuit design to PCB layout, from schematic capture to programmable logic, from embedded controllers to full featured processors, from control to video.


DVK, Integrated Services

For over 32 years, DVK has been designing, manufacturing, and testing PCB products for companies of all sizes. With our proven track record and on-going adherence to the highest standards of quality and service, our clients rely on us and trust to design a PCB layout that meets their requirements and budget.

Request a quote or contact Bruce Smith at 408-436-0100 or contact [email protected].


Predictable Designs

Helping entrepreneurs, startups, makers, inventors, & small companies develop electronic hardware products in a predictable fashion is our goal.

Whether you are a one person operation or an established company, if you are new to developing electronic products then you have come to the right place.

Email: [email protected]