Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Capabilities Summary

In the table below is a comprehensive list of Sunstone's key printed circuit board manufacturing capabilities. This list is designed to help you understand if Sunstone's capabilities are a match for your design.  It will also allow you to plan ahead and create your design within these capabilities so that you can be sure Sunstone can produce your PCB.  

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Drill Capabilities
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Smallest Drill Size 0.008" 0.005"

Largest Drill Size 

    *Note: Holes > 0.250" are considered cutouts 

Positional Tolerance


+/- 0.005"


+/- 0.002"

Control Depth Tolerance N/A +/- 0.0005"
Microvia  No Yes
Blind / Buried VIa No Yes
Min. Pad Size (via) via + 0.010"  via + 0.006" 
Min. Pad Size (component) hole +0.016" hole + 0.010"
Route Capabilities
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Board Size Tolerances (Rout) +/- 0.010" +/- 0.003"
Board Size Tolerance (Laser) N/A +/- 0.001"
V-Score Web Thickness +/- 0.002" +/- 0.002"
V-Score Line Width +/- 0.002" +/- 0.002"
Etch Tolerances
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Trace width (of design) +/- 20% +/- 0.0005"
Minimum Trace Width 0.005" 0.002"
Surface Finish     
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Tin / Lead Solder (HASL) Yes Yes
Immersion Silver Yes* Yes*
ENIG Yes* Yes*
Copper Only Yes* Yes*
OSP No Yes*
Full Body Hard Gold No Yes*
Soft Bondable Gold  No    Yes* 
Lead Free Solder No    Yes* 
 *Denotes RoHS Compliant Finish      
Board Parameters
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Layer Count  1 - 20    0 - 36
Board Thickness 0.010" - 0.125" 0.003" - 0.187
Copper Weight (finished) 1 oz - 3 oz 0.25 oz - 6 oz
FR-4 150 Tg (RoHS Compliant) Yes Yes
FR-4 170 Tg (RoHS Compliant) Yes Yes
Rogers RO 3000(R) Series No No
Rogers RO 4000(R) Series No Yes

Rogers RT/duroid(R) Series

(5000 and 6000 Series)

No Yes
Arlon No Yes
Polyflon No Yes
Taconic No Yes
UL Listed
ITAR Registered
Other Sunstone Capabilities
Controlled Impedance
Full Service CAM Tooling

Design Review for Manufacturability

Film to Electronic Data Conversion

Film Only Orders

Cross Section Lab

Analytical Lab

Electrical Test

Soldermask by Tayio

Silkscreen by Tayio