DFM Solutions for CAD Tools

Studies show that 70-80% of the quality and manufacturing yield of your designs comes from design, not manufacturing. Furthermore, finding and fixing design errors become orders of magnitude more expensive as your design proceeds through manufacturing. As a result, it pays to catch manufacurability issues as early as possible. Sunstone Circuits offers DFMplus for you to increase your odds of achieving a working prototype on the first build spin.



With Sunstone's  DFMplus tool, you can submit your final design file to our free online DFM service. We'll create a comprehensive report for your board. This report will not only help you determine which of our manufacturing services is most appropriate for your design specifics, but it will also help you look forward to production, flagging details in your current design that may cause yield or reliability issues later. DFMplus not only helps verify your prototype, but keeps you focused on the end goal - a reliable, profitable final product.  DFMplus is available through your Sunstone My Account section. 

*DFMplus can only accept Gerber and ODB++ file formats.  Other formats cannot be accepted.

Additional Solutions

In addition, Sunstone Circuits provides a number of other Design For Manufacture (DFM) tools for our customers. These DFM choices range from analyzing the Gerber files immediately prior to manufacturing, to providing rule decks for your CAD layout tool to help designers adhere to manufacturing guidelines with each and every board trace.

Our DFM solutions include:

"The first time I used this service, I was very impressed. Later, I submitted some more complex boards and found the reports to be extremely helpful in identifying design issues. I usually use your PCBExpress service, and DFMplus gives me great confidence about getting accurate designs for my future board projects.”

Jeff Bates, Senior Hardware Engineer, Impinj

By using DFMplus, Sunstone customers can better choose the right service for their needs, saving time and money whenever possible. “I've been designing circuits for over 45 years. You guys are amazing; this DFM service is exactly what I needed!”

Mike Fleming, Electrical Engineer