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From Start To Finish – Design to Assembly 

It's no secret: your prototype costs you quite a bit of money to produce. Most of that expense is in the components, not the fabrication of the board. Still, if the board's not right, your design's not right. That's why Sunstone Circuits offers the following standard and add-on manufacturing features for your board fabrication:  

  • Less than 0.05% return rate on all PCBs manufactured
  • Our 100% guarantee on manufacturing defects
  • Optional Engineering Review to analyze and report on any manufacturability issues with your design as submitted
  • Flying-Probe Electrical Test: comparing your PCBs electrically to your submitted Gerber files
  • Self-service DFM checking with our online DFMplus service
  • One financial transaction for your boards and assembly when you select bundled assembly

Screaming Circuits specializes in building your short-run, one-off and prototype PCB assemblies, with rapid turn times and instant online quoting and ordering. Whether you prefer "Kitted" assembly or "Turnkey", Screaming does both - and with multiple awards for customer satisfaction and quality to prove it.

Screaming Circuits


When all this is combined with the years of experience and professionalism shared between Screaming Circuits and Sunstone, you can be confident that your PCBs have been fabricated and assembled exactly to your specifications. Which means, of course, that any bugs you're chasing in your prototype won't be a stray short, open, malformed through hole or other manufacturing or assembly anomaly... Instead, you can turn all your attention to testing and verifying the circuit design.

All this is just one more way Screaming Circuits and Sunstone Circuits work seamlessly together to remove potential design issues from your prototypes - getting you through development and into production that much faster.

Assembly can easily be added in your Sunstone Quote online or by reaching out to Screaming Circuits above. 

Looking To Extract CAD Data From Multiple Sources?

Our friends at Screaming Circuits have put together this terrific resource for extracting CAD Data from multiple sources.

Many CAD / PCB Board Design Software applications allow for the export of CAD data in the ASCII (text) format. This data can be imported directly into our CircuitCam tool. By supplying this data in addition to Gerber & Centroid files, you greatly simplify the programming work Screaming Circuits must perform in order to process your job. Unfortunately, there is not yet a standard filename to describe this data and each application has a different method for creating (or exporting) the data.

Having the CAD data in ASCII format is not required but is very helpful. This document includes instructions for creating an ASCII formatted CAD data file with a number of the more popular CAD applications.

How to extract CAD Data

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