With Altium Designer, design boards of any complexity and instantly see the board, the loaded components and sub-assemblies directly within the PCB editor. There is no need to export to a separate application or to recreate your board in an external 3D application. View and edit the PCB design in full 3D with a single click of the mouse.

Schematic/PCB Design Integrity

With Altium Designer's unified data model, your PCB remains in synchronization with the source schematics at all times.

  • You can generate component and net classes automatically, based on the schematic's hierarchy
  • You can use the schematic structure to drive the creation of component placement rooms, preserving the logical structure in the source files
  • Any PCB level changes are automatically reflected in the schematics - complete design synchronization as soon as you click 'Save'

Interactive Routing

Altium Designer intelligently routes that path for you; just move the mouse over the path you want a track to follow. The advanced interactive routing modes are at your fingertips, and under strict rules control.

  • push and shove tracks and vias,
  • hug existing traces during routing,
  • auto-complete routes at any time,
  • automatically remove redundant trace segments,
  • and route high-speed tracks with automatic impedance control and length tuning.

And when the critical routes are done, Altium Designer finishes the job with its in-built topological auto-routing engine.

At all stages of routing you work directly in the PCB editor. Transferring data back and forth between external routing tools is a thing of the past.

Uploading your Altium Files for Manufacture

We can convert your Protel 99SE and DXP, and Altium Designer 6, Summer 08 and Winter 09 PCB design files to Gerbers. Please send *.pcb or *pcbdoc files. If you would like to provide *.ddb or .prjpcb files, please ensure they contain only a single .pcb or .pcbdoc file. Because we currently don't support Altium Designer Winter 09, we will send the generated Gerber files to you for final approval before starting manufacturing.

DFM Rule

By downloading and using these Sunstone specific rule sets you can have confidence that your board can be built by Sunstone without manufacturing difficulties or unnecessary delays.