Environmental Sustainability

Sunstone Circuits is dedicated to the environment. We are continuously looking for “green” solutions to reduce material usage, chemical usage, electricity consumption, emissions, and waste in our processes. 

RoHS and REACH: Sunstone Circuits is sensitive to the requirements of both statutes aimed at reducing hazardous materials from PCB products. Sunstone Circuits offers laminate materials that are compatible with lead-free assembly processes (high Td, low CTE, high Tg). These same laminate materials are compatible with surface finishes compliant with both of these statutes. Sunstone uses this laminate material as a standard for all product lines. As a result, RoHS-compliant finishes are available through all products and services.



Conflict Minerals (Dodd-Frank Act): Sunstone Circuits partners only with suppliers that source metals from smelters that are not in conflict with this act.