Shopping Cart

Sunstone’s OneQuote now has shopping cart functionality. You can add multiple PCB orders to the cart and check out with a single process and transaction. You can also combine the shipment of these orders. 

Cart features:

  • All orders in the cart must have the same assembly option selected (none, drop ship or bundled assembly).
  • All orders must have the same "ship to" address.
  • Selecting “Combined Shipping” on the Cart Summary page during checkout:
    All orders in the cart will ship in a single package (up to 40#) on the date of the longest lead time order.
    By not selecting Combined Shipment, all orders will ship in individual packages when complete.
  • You will receive order confirmation notices for each order in the cart, and each order will show individually in your Sunstone “My Account” page.
  • Each order will receive a credit card authorization at the time of purchase. Occasionally a bank may flag these transactions when multiple transactions are created in close proximity.
  • The PayPal payment option will not be available when there is more than one Cart item, but other payment options can be used. To use the PayPal method, remove all but one Cart item and complete any additional orders separately.