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A smooth transition from design to manufacturing is vital to the success of your PCB project. That’s why we designed PCB123® to be the fastest and easiest PCB design software from start to finish— then decided to give it away for free!

Only PCB123 has the time-saving processes from over 40 years of PCB manufacturing expertise built right in:

  • Schematic design, board layout, Bill-of-Materials management and DFM checks,  all in one easy-to-use application.
  • Enhanced User controls (Faster rendering, smoother drag and drop, more zoom control, unified control panels) *NEW
  • Your order will ship on-time when ordered through PCB123 or the PCBs are free, guaranteed. *NEW
  • Unrestricted Drill Sizes on your quick turn PCB123 orders
  • Slots and Cutouts available on boards and in parts definitions
  • Keep layout, schematic, and BOM in-sync and up-to-date, automatically
  • Quote in real-time and order from within the application
  • Be confident in manufacturability with built-in DFM, DRC, and parts availability
  • Full access to all of Sunstone's manufacturing capabilities *NEW
  • Gerber as-built files available free-of-charge when you place your first order.

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With PCB123's robust feature set, you can design with confidence knowing your boards can be built, and built right. Learn more below, then click "Download Now" to download for free

Just released: Version 5.7.5. See what has changed to help improve your overall experience.  Release Notes