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The Technology to Help People

- by Matt Stevenson

The recent global events really reinforce that technology is not just about fun and games, it is also here to help save lives.  There are so many applications where technology is at the forefront to help us understand the potential impacts of a disease, help us to identify it more quickly and accurately for treating patients, and for monitoring people during their recovery.

The advances in medical technology in the face of this global pandemic have been really amazing to witness.  In the PCB manufacturing business, we get the opportunity to work on some of these really amazing projects with some really great innovators.  Sunstone is dedicated to helping these companies bring their ideas and innovations to life and thereby helping to improve the lives of those that we love.

Some of the companies that we have been able to partner with are brand new customers with really big ideas, sound fundamental thinking, and the drive to really make a difference.  We have a lot of fun getting to understand their products, their goals, and being on the front lines to help them achieve them.  One, in particular, is working on a sensor aimed at keeping medical staff safer from these types of outbreaks.  It is really cool stuff!

There are plenty of other companies that are very quickly ramping up their production of existing products, like ventilators, for example, to help meet the global shortage caused by this pandemic.  We are doing everything possible from our seat to make sure that their product is on time and of the highest quality.  Our employees at Sunstone really excel in times like this when they truly know that they are contributing to saving people’s lives.

These are just a few of the life-changing stories that we have the opportunity to be a part of.  There are so many other amazing innovators out there that are just as influential in helping people.  If you are doing great things to help improve the lives of humans send us an email and tell us all about it.

Stay safe out there.


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