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Quality, built in

by Matt Stevenson

A PCB may seem like it is just a line item on a B.O.M. for an electrical project, made from materials like epoxy, glass, copper, polymers and holes, but it is much more than that.  It is the custom made end product for a designer, layout engineer or entrepreneur, who has taken hours, days or even weeks of time creating.  This PCB is the building block for all of the components and parts that make up the project.  If there are issues with the board (weather a design error or a manufacturing error) it can cause delays and cost adders in the process, which no one wants to be the cause of. 

There are a myriad of ways to limit the potential for errors to occur upfront in the design and planning of a PCB project.  Choosing a reputable PCB manufacturer, upfront at the design phase, is high on that list.  By designing to the “sweet spot” of the manufacturer and collaborating with them for those cutting edge or capability taxing pieces, up front, can pay dividends in the overall manufacturability and reliability of your project.  Most every PCB manufacturer has their “sweet spot” capabilities available, by using these capabilities to help set up your design rules in your layout software will insure that you are indeed designing a board that can be built by your manufacturer without delays or errors.  Some manufacturers even offer a set of DRC settings that can be added directly to your software, saving you the time and effort to create these rules.  By taking these into consideration early in the process you are building the quality right into your PCB. Once you submit your design to your chosen manufacturing partner it is incumbent upon them to execute and deliver your boards, hopefully you have chosen one that has a proven track record for quality and on time delivery and a demonstrated passion for your success. 


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