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Keeping Pace in the Industry

- by Matt Stevenson

For a manufacturing company to continue to be able to supply its customers with the products that they desire they need to invest.  In an ever-changing industry where the limits of physics are being pushed it is imperative to match manufacturing capabilities to the current technological requirements.  Expanding capabilities and tightening process control windows generally comes in the form of newer and more capable equipment purchases.  

In order to continue to advance our PCB manufacturing, Sunstone has been busy adding capabilities, capacity and tighter process control in 2020. We have either recently added or are in the process of adding equipment. 

The new 2020 state-of-the-art equipment highlights:

  • New 2019 QuickSilver Hot Air Solder Leveler (HASL) to improve our product capabilities for customers who require a tin-lead finish.  As strange as it may seem there is still quite a market for actual leaded solder surface finish even though there are many directives that are leading away from it (RoHS, REACH, etc.).  As the saying goes, “Nothing solders quite like (leaded) solder.”  
  • New 2020 Microcraft Flying Probe electrical tester to increase capacity in our quality assurance electrical test department.  This new tester will also give us the added capability for testing tighter pitch designs, additional testing capacity, hi-pot testing, and lightning-fast speed to ensure that we maintain our on-time delivery.  
  • New 2019 German made Lenz 1+1: A new high-speed drill machine that will give us added drill capacity, smaller drilled via capability, as well as added controlled depth and other CNC machining capabilities. .  

These are just a few of the ways that Sunstone is continuing to invest in the future to meet our customer’s needs and technology roadmaps. Look for more updates in the near future!  

Stay safe out there.


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