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order online and Save Money on Your QuickTurn PCBs

ASC Sunstone has always been your trusted partner for high-quality, cost-effective PCB solutions. But did you also know that we want to find ways to save you money on your next project?

We understand the importance of staying on budget without compromising on quality or speed. That’s why we’re excited to share our expert tips and resources to help you save money on your Limited Review QuickTurn PCBs.

Explore our proven strategies for reducing costs while maintaining the highest standards of excellence.

From optimizing your design for manufacturability to taking advantage of our advanced online quoting system, we provide practical advice that can make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Start saving today by discovering our top tips and best practices for cost-effective QuickTurn PCB production.

  1. Choose standard drill hole size -  0.010" & Up
  2. Choose standard green soldermask & white silkscreen
  3. Choose silver or tin lead finish
  4. Longer lead times = greater savings
  5. Make sure traces and spaces are no less than 0.005"
  6. The more boards you order, the greater the savings
Before submitting your files use our handy PCB Order Checklist to be sure everything is in order.


Limited Review

Our Limited Review Service checks key aspects of your PCB design, ensuring soldermask and copper layers match your order, verifying board size, and checking for issues like missing or misplaced holes. We may make minor adjustments for manufacturability.

This service does not include review of PRINT NOTES, additional order form selections, or netlist verification.

For a more detailed review, consider our FULL REVIEW (NRE) option.

pcbexpress quickturn Parameters

PCBExpress Configuration Parameters
Layers 0-14 Thickness 0.020" - 0.125" Material FR-4 150Tg or FR-4 170 Tg
Engineering Level

Limited Review

Board size 18" x 14" max Solder mask sides none, 1 or 2
Copper Weight 1 oz- 3 oz Inspection Standard IPC-A-600 class 2 only Solder mask Color Green, Blue, Black, Red, White, or Clear
Min. Trace


(1 oz copper)

Smallest Drilled hole 0.010" Silk Screen Sides 0, 1 or 2
Min. Space


(1 oz copper)

Electrical Test Yes Silk Screen color White, yellow or black
Routing Options Individual only Lead time options Same day to 15 day Surface Finish Immersion Silver, Tin Lead (HASL), or ENIG
Slots Yes Design Review Options Run as sent UL marking Yes
Cutouts* Yes Plated Edges No Lot code marking Yes
Controlled Impedance No Date code marking Yes
Via fill No Custom Stack up Standard Stack ups only Serialization No
Counter Sinks No Counter bore No Controlled depth milling No
Gold Fingers No Blind / buried vias No First Article Inspection No

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