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From Prototype to Production, the simple choice is Sunstone.

Every project goes through the feedback loop: Concept to design, to prototype. Rinse-and-repeat as the prototype tells you what's wrong with your design, and you make change after change after change, spin after spin, never building the same thing twice....until you have something you can take to production. And then? Then, Change is your enemy. Change means you lose control of the consistency you need for your product. Change means you lose repeatability.

The question to consider is this: why would you not keep your production with the same people who sweated your prototypes with you? Who else knows as much about fabricating your board as you know about the design details? Why would you jump to a production house just because you're done prototyping?

At Sunstone, we use what we learned from your prototypes to bring simplicity and reliability to the transition from prototype to production. 

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In the early stages, designers are more concerned about proof-of-concept. The prototype boards are, by intent, nothing like the final product board. Easy access to key testpoints for circuit debugging, for example, are a priority in the early days. But as the design is refined; the design team's attention turns to production concerns: reducing layers; simplifying the BOM; fixing signal integrity issues; etc. 

Sunstone is there with you through all of this refinement, right up to the moment you sign off on the last spin as production-ready

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Take your production-ready design to a production board house, and it's a brand-new design to them. There's tooling to be done, design notes to verify, and all that. The production house will charge you an NRE charge for this prep work. 

But here at Sunstone, your production-ready revision is simply the last board we built. We already know what to do to fabricate your design successfully. To move to production with Sunstone is simply to reorder as a production run. It's really just that simple.

If you are coming to Sunstone as a new customer, contact our Customer Support Team to find out how you can get your NRE fee waived on your first order.