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Additional Services

  • DFM

    DFMplus is our free service that identifies details in your design that may cause manufacturing or reliability issues. Use this service before placing your order, and a dedicated Sunstone associate will review your design for manufacturability and supply you with a very detailed customized report.

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  • Assembly and Stencils

    When you need machine populated PCBs or the help of a stencil for part placement - we offer “Kitted” or “Turnkey” Assembly and SMT Stencils. Our OneQuote form allows you to choose these options as you place your
    PCB order.

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  • Layout Services

    Our PCB Layout Specialists are available to help you create a PCB design or make minor edits to your existing files. Contact us today for a quote and get your project on its way
    to completion. 

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What makes our high-powered, unrestricted, Free PCB tool even MORE disruptive?

The addition of SnapEDA, of course!

Build your circuit boards faster and more affordably with millions of instant parts inside a no-cost PCB CAD tool.


No matter how extensive the library at your disposal, new PCB designs inevitably need new parts – it’s just a matter of how many and how often. Research shows that a typical PCB designer spends up to 35% of the design time simply crafting parts symbols and footprints. Imagine what could be done with that time! Faster design times; more time for optimization; or both!

PCB123 understands that making parts is time-consuming and error-prone. That’s why we’ve led the industry in providing PCB123 with the most pre-defined parts of any CAD tool on the market. Now, we’re proud to collaborate with an even more powerful solution to the parts problem: SnapEDA

  • SnapEDA online parts library solutions built in to PCB123 directly. PCB123 is the first CAD tool to take full advantage of the SnapEDA parts library as an integrated tool. Now you can utilize the entire SnapEDA parts library automatically. Research parts, select your parts, and download your parts as easily as choosing music from your favorite online tunes store. Learn more »
  • <750,000+ predefined parts for immediate and open use in your designs – more than any other tool in the industry, licensed or free. Our historical parts library is still there for you to use; no disruption to your previous work.>

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With PCB123's robust feature set, you can design with confidence knowing your boards can be built, and built right. Learn more below, then click "Download Now" to download for free.  

Just released: Version 5.6.2. See what has changed to help improve your overall experience. Release Notes.



PCB123 Features

  • Manufacture Faster With 750,000+ parts

  • Integrated Build, Quote and Ordering

  • Proven Reliability Trusted By Global Leaders