Printed Circuit Assembly Services

Screaming Circuits

Screaming Circuits is the leading quickturn PCB circuit board assembly specialist and helps Sunstone provide a complete solution for our customers needing machine-populated PCBs, from quote to delivery. Our friends at Screaming Circuits deliver on-time, quality-printed circuit board assemblies. They specialize in Quickturn, prototype and small to mid-volume assembly:

  • PCB circuit board assembly in as little as 24 hours
  • As few as one board
  • Full RoHS compliance available
  • Easy and complete online quote and order process
  • Kitted or turn-key processing available
  • Machine placement of parts from 0201 passives to high-pin BGAs
  • IPC-A-610 Class III and ITAR available

Why We Recommend Screaming Circuits

Let's face it; many shops out there claim to be able to assemble PCB Prototypes. Few, however, can provide PCB assembly services that we at Sunstone can stand behind. What makes Screaming Circuits different is their deep technical expertise and devotion to quality and customer service. We're confident that with Screaming Circuits our customers will receive the same extreme customer service that Sunstone provides, and the best quality product.

  • It's their approach to the problem: They don't want you to conform to them like a traditional electronic printed circuit assembly manufacturer does. They have built their processes around your job. It is part of their mission to be flexible and adaptable.
  • They don't mix prototype assembly with production: Your job is their priority. You will never be bumped down in priority for a volume job. They have a production division as well, but they have equipment and systems dedicated to just the small-volume.
  • They want to do this: Most PCB circuit board manufacturers today, even those outside of the US, don't want to deal with prototypes or low-volume work - they treat it like it is an unwanted burden.

    At Screaming Circuits, this is what they do and they love it.