Lead-Free PCBs

In response to the continued support for the RoHS initiative, Sunstone provides several different solutions to satisfy your lead-free PCB manufacturing needs. All of our lead-free PCB solutions are both RoHS initiative compliant, and offer the same excellent product quality and customer service you’ve come to expect from Sunstone Circuits.

Our lead-free, RoHS initiative compliant PCB selections are:

Product & Service
Value Proto PCBExpress
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Lead-Free PCB Material
 RoHS-compliant FR-4 RoHS-compliant
RoHS-compliant FR-4
Many Options
Surface Finishes
Immersion Silver Immersion Silver or ENIG
Immersion Silver or ENIG

Immersion Silver, ENIG,
Hard gold,
Lead-Free Solder, and OSP
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RoHS Initiative Compliance and Lead-Free PCB Assembly Services

View our RoHS material comparison page for a comparison of options.

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