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For some designs, dielectric PCB properties are critical

Rogers Corporation is not the only supplier in the industry with Advanced Materials.  Sunstone also can produce products from a variety of other suppliers. 


Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division specializes in ceramic filled and glass reinforced PTFE materials that have a wide range of applications in the RF and high speed digital arenas. Industries targeted by these Taconic Materials range from communications to aerospace.  Advantages offered by use of Taconic materials:
  • Lower Dielectric loss
  • Low electrical signal loss
  • Wide range of Dk (dielectric constant) values (2.20-6.15)
  • Low cost circuit fabrication

Sunstone Circuits can deliver your RF, microwave and mobile designs with the same industry-leading lead times, quality, and extreme customer support you've come to expect from all our services, only now with better advanced PCB material dielectric properties.‚Äč


Dielectric Materials
A dielectric material is a substance that is a poor conductor of electricity, and used as an insulating layer in the PCB build up. Porcelain, mica, glass, plastics and some metal oxides are good dielectrics. The lower the dielectric loss, (the proportion of energy lost as heat) the more effective the dielectric material. If the voltage across a dielectric material becomes too great -- that is, if the electrostatic field becomes too intense -- the material will suddenly begin to conduct current. This phenomenon is called dielectric breakdown. Taconic offers several materials that are less likely to demonstrate a dielectric breakdown condition than FR-4.

Pre-impregnated (Pre-preg)
Contraction of 'pre-impregnated composite fibers', and in the manufacture of PCBs, pre-pregs help influence the performance characteristics of the printed circuit board.

A term also used in the PCB fabrication industry to describe the bonding ply materials used to bond the layers of a multilayer PCB together.

You can get more information on all of Taconic's laminate products from their website

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