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Sunstone Circuits Ships Quickturn Prototypes in as Little as 24 Hours

by User Not Found | Nov 09, 2010
Sunstone has enhanced their services by offering prototype delivery within 24 hours on all 4-Layer boards ordered within their PCBexpress quickturn product line.

PCBexpress Quickturn 4-Layer Prototypes Shipped in 24 Hours Shortens Lead-Times and Gets Products to Market Faster

Portland, OR – November 9, 2010 – Sunstone Circuits, the printed circuit board (PCB) prototype solutions provider has enhanced their services by offering prototype delivery within 24 hours on all 4-Layer boards ordered within their PCBexpress quickturn product line.

Sunstone’s PCBexpress quickturn predefined capabilities offers design engineers the best value for up to 100 pieces per order. By using this PCB design service, customers can now shave two days from the standard three-day lead time. Consequently, Sunstone can now expedite your order within 24 hours of purchasing.

Customers are increasingly using multilayer board designs during the initial prototyping phase to dramatically shorten design-time and save project dollars. This technique works particularly well when high-speed design work may be a factor in the actual schematic. So anything that shortens the design time not only saves significant money, but it also improves the project’s time-to-market.

This improved lead-time also comes with enhanced DFM rules rules, which reduces the risk of design mistakes. When a prototype is meant to prove a concept or demonstrate a solution, adding layers to the design isn’t that risky; risk it mostly a factor when engineers design on the border of the fabricators limitations. This service now allows designers the ability to optimize their time by saving the ‘tight-routing’ elements for when prototypes become production ready. What does this mean to the customer? It means fewer prototype spins, which consequently means reduced costs on PCB components, assembly and labor. Giving more time for validation and testing, more importantly; a better finished product, in less time.

Diane Economaki, Director of Marketing for Sunstone Circuits - “By using our 24 Hour 4-Layer PCBexpress quickturn service, the benefits are endless. Design engineers can easily meet or beat their timelines, lower their labor costs, receive better DFM rules and experience fewer board-spins… not to mention the most important factor, improved time-to-market.”

Due to many variables in the competitive marketplace, the demand for 4-layer circuit boards with shortened lead-times is always increasing. It is because of this demand that Sunstone now offers their customers yet another service that they can benefit from. Not only does this 24 hour expedite shorten lead-times, but it drastically shortens the time spent on prototyping. Consequently, the design faces a lower risk of manufacturing or assembly defects and ultimately gives the customer a higher quality product, in a shorter amount of time.

Engineers and design teams are typically held hostage to the layout effort for a portion of the design cycle, schematic edits, layout review, EMI testing etc. All of those pain points will be reduced by the same factor or more by using this efficient approach.

This 24 Hour 4-Layer quickturn service is the perfect way to save time and money, especially in the prototyping stage. Bottom line, 4-layer prototype boards can be completed in small runs and delivered in a hurry. In their quest to be the easiest PCB company to business with, Sunstoneis continuing to offer their customers quality solutions and extreme customer service. Giving design engineers what they need, but more importantly, what they deserve.

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Sunstone Circuits® pioneered the online ordering of printed circuit boards (PCBs), and is the leading PCB solutions provider with more than 35 years of experience in delivering quality engineering software along with quick and on-time PCBs for the electronic design industry. Sunstone Circuits is dedicated to improving the PCB prototyping process from quote to delivery (Q2D®) and provides "live" customer support every day of the year (24/7/365). For more information about Sunstone's PCB solutions plus online quote and ordering process, please visit

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