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Sunstone Circuits Releases PCB123 Version 3.0

by User Not Found | Nov 26, 2007
Sunstone has released PCB123 version 3.0 - the next generation of its complete circuit board design solution for the electronics design industry. As with all previous versions, PCB123 remains free.

PCB123 Version 3 Release

Offers Powerful Enhancements To Accelerate Design Process

Mulino, Ore. – Nov. 26, 2007 – Sunstone Circuits (Sunstone), the Mulino, Ore.-based printed circuit board (PCB) solutions provider, has released PCB123 version 3.0 - the next generation of its complete circuit board design solution for the electronics design industry. As with all previous versions, PCB123 remains free.

“PCB123 3.0 provides the additional design capabilities that PCB designers have been seeking,” said Terry Heilman, CEO of Sunstone Circuits. “We’re offering powerful, industrial-grade PCB design software to all PCB designers at any level of expertise and on any budget.”

PCB123 version 3.0 enhancements include:

  • Real-time, bi-directional views of layout and schematic
  • Full customization via the new PCB123 Software Development Kit
  • Dynamic bill of materials (BOM) generated and updated as the user designs
  • 3D design ‘fly through’ viewing features,
  • More fabrication options and services.

“It’s our intent to deliver a world-class, easy-to-use PCB design environment that rivals the powerful tool suites and is freely accessible to everyone,” Keith Ackerman, PCB123 software architect.

World Class Design Options for All Users

As a part of the Sunstone ECOsystemSM, PCB123 version 3.0 brings a seamless design flow to design and assembly services. The Sunstone ECOsystemSM is a strategic resource that will consolidate and improve the PCB prototyping process for designers from concept-to-delivery. The ECOsystem integrates the four discrete segments of PCB prototyping:

  • Knowledge – PCB designer expertise
  • Tools – design packages and software
  • Libraries and Parts – sourcing and tracking of PCB components
  • Fabrication – manufacturing capability and expertise

With PCB123 version 3.0 and the Sunstone ECOsystemSM, designers can produce working prototypes in shorter times, fewer turns, and with better access to PCB manufacturing services. Designers benefit from lower costs and fewer pain points throughout the entire design and manufacture process.

To learn more about PCB123 version 3.0 and to download a free copy, visit

About Sunstone Circuits
Based in Mulino, Ore, Sunstone Circuits is a printed circuit board (PCB) solutions provider with a fabrication facility for prototyping and quickturn manufacturing. With more than 35 years of experience in delivering quality, on-time printed circuit boards (PCBs) for the quickturn and prototype markets, Sunstone Circuits is dedicated to improving the PCB prototyping process from quote to delivery (Q2D®) and providing its customers with support 24/7/365.  Sunstone Circuits’ online services and software also include PCBexpress and PCB123.

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