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October 26 2020

Greetings Friends,


I hope that everyone is adapting to our current state of normal.  As things continue to change and evolve with this pandemic it is pretty obvious that there is still so much to do before we will be able to fully understand what will be the new normal.  We continue to stay in touch with the national updates and are hopeful that there is more good news than bad, as we continue to open up.  This is really a challenging time but we all need to remember that our health is one of our most important assets and we need to insure that we and our families are as safe as possible.    

I want to assure everyone that as an “essential supplier” to a great number of businesses and industries we are 100% committed to keeping our employees safe.  We at Sunstone continue to concentrate on the current best practices for keeping our employees safe during this time; remote work for those employees that can, social distancing, regular cleaning and disinfecting, limiting our onsite visits to only necessary visits, and many more.  It brings me great joy to report that, so far, we have been very effective in maintaining employment and health for all of our employees.

We have had the opportunity to work with so many projects during the course of this that are aimed at curing, preventing and treating people of this COVID-19 virus.  We are thankful that we have been able to continue our operations, help with so many of these critical projects and have been able to keep our employees healthy and employed during this unprecedented pandemic.  

In the event that you do need PCBs during these times, Sunstone Circuits® is open and fully operational to help in any way that you or your business may need.  We are committed to assisting with Critical Projects in the frontline fight against COVID-19 and have implemented a process that allows us to prioritize these orders, while maintaining our > 99% on-time delivery for all products. Our customer support team is available to answer any question via phone, chat, and email with no risk of illness to you.


Thank you all,

Terry Heilman
CEO Sunstone Circuits

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