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Sunstone Employee Of The Month


August, 2019

  • stephen o.

    IS - Programmer

    Stephen has done an amazing job in a short time period. In less than a year Stephen has done some fantastic work. He has developed a faster loading and more reliable onequote page. He has also developed the tool which is used by sales and customer service to improve efficiencies following up on saved quotes. Both of these items are major feats, but Stephen has gone above and beyond. Stephen is also quickly learning to manage our configurator, develop sql queries, and update and create report for the reporting website. Finally Stephen has become the IS departments main resource for questions relating to the React.js programming framework. To top off all of the great work that he does he is also a pleasure to work with.

    Thank you Stephen for all that you do and add to Sunstone.

    What I like about working at Sunstone..." I really like the people I work with. We all care about each other which makes Sunstone feel more like a family than just a workforce. Also, I really appreciate that management hasn't been afraid to give me work that is a challenge; it has really helped me develop as a Software Developer." 


July, 2019

  • becky d.


    Quality - Inspector

    Becky always steps up to do what it takes to keep the work moving. At the same time keeps a very cheerful and positive attitude even in very demanding situations.  Her flexibility and dependability are relied on by her team. She shows up to work on time and is willing to work a Saturday if needed. She is easy to work with and always has a smile on her face.

    Thank you Becky for all you do to support Sunstone and its customers.

    What I like about working at Sunstone..."Learning about circuit boards and how they are made. Working with nice and friendly people." 


May, 2019

  • donna m.

    Untitled designImage - DryFilm

    Donna has been a strong asset to the Image department and Sunstone for many years. She regularly goes above and beyond to make sure we operate as efficient and smooth as possible, taking care of the purchasing, helping with training and majority of the PM’s in Image. During the recent absence of her Team Leader, Donna did an amazing job taking care of the Image department while machines were down by scheduling, contacting vendors and expediting.

    Thank you Donna you are critical to the success of the Image team and Sunstone.  We very much appreciate all that you do for Sunstone and its customers.

    What I like about working at Sunstone..."I started working here in 1983. Sunstone has great people to work with. They are concerned about all the employees, take pride in us, great benefits, its close to home and they listen to us."


April, 2019

  • mindy b.

    Untitled design(1)Quality Control

    Mindy works with passion and has a great connection with all of her team members. Her willingness to do anything that you put in front of her is so appreciated. Mindy is the main "go to" person for RF work in QC. You can always catch her with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. Mindy brought skills from her experience in plating that have been very useful to QC and she is always willing to use her skills to help make QC and Sunstone successful.

    What I like about working at Sunstone? ... "I love the people. It's like one giant family. That's one of the things that make a great company. Everyone is treated with the same respect."



February, 2019

  • Jamin-Feb2019jamin w.

    Quality Control - Test

    Thank you for going far beyond the call of duty, and doing more than others expect. This is what excellence is all about. It comes from striving, maintaining the highest standards, looking after the smallest detail, and going the extra mile. Excellence means doing your best, in everything, in every way. You are doing a great job, and we want you to know that your presence and work are acknowledged and they are helping us reach our goals along this ISO journey.

    As Roger Staubach said, “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile”.  

    What I like about working at Sunstone..."The environment of goodwill among my co-workers." 


December, 2018

  • Rossiny-DecemberRossiny c.

    Customer Support/Inside Sales

    Most recently Rossiny has taken on many special projects including ISO activities, staff training and is currently point for ensuring timely customer resolutions with accurate documentation and reporting. She volunteers whenever needed for after hours and weekend support coverage, always providing a high level of support with a customer centric approach. Rossiny has grown quickly into being a resource for her team, has helped to oversee new hire training and is continuing to work towards documenting and optimizing our department activities.” THANK YOU Rossiny for all you do for Sunstone.

    What I like about working at Sunstone..." I can proudly say that Sunstone values their employees by going above and beyond. The atmosphere at work is welcoming. This is my second home and it feels great to come in to work every day and enjoy what I do. Thank you Sunstone for all that YOU do."


October, 2018

  • Ed-OctoberED h.

    Software Development

    Ed is an integral part of the software development team. He has been a tremendous asset to Sunstone and has provided us with some terrific new features in both the OneQuote and reporting websites. Most recently Ed has coded the OneQuote website to include a shopping cart to be deployed soon. In addition to his excellent daily work ethic Ed has shown that he is able to handle even the most difficult situations under pressure. While his manager was on vacation, Ed handled a very stressful situation with our ISP under a DOSS attack. Ed handled the situation with the utmost professionalism.

    Thank you Ed for all that you do.

    "I really like the Sunstone management team's approach of regularly showing interest in employees and showing appreciation for jobs well done. I love coming to work and knowing I have challenging tasks to do, and that management gives me the freedom to decide how best to implement fixes and improvements."


September, 2018

  • Beau-Septemberbeau h.

    Soldermask & Legend

    Beau is a dedicated employee and important team member at Sunstone. We count on Beau for so much, he is always willing to help out in other departments, flexible to change his shift and maintains a great attitude. This past 6 weeks, not only did he continue with this dedication, but he also covered an additional process area as well while his co-worker was out on medical leave. Beau adjusted his shift, stayed on top of the work in both hand silk and mask, he gave both areas his full attention, while doing this, he maintained excellent quality and throughput.

    GREAT work Beau – Sunstone Circuits appreciates your hard work and commitment. Thank you.

    "What I like about working at Sunstone? The people and the atmosphere make for a great, laid back place to work."


August, 2018

  • James-AugustJames m.

    Quality - ETest

    Sunstone Circuits would like to recognize James for his outstanding team work. His flexibility to help out when the test area is short staffed is so appreciated. He always has a can do attitude while under pressure and even when managing last minutes deadlines. He is willing to stay late when asked and is always concerned about the quality of his work. His peers enjoy working with him. He has proven himself to be very dependable and continually goes beyond what is asked of him.

    Thank you for all you do James to support Sunstone and it’s customers.

    "What do I like best about working at Sunstone? All the kind people and the family atmosphere."


July, 2018

  • Maggie-JulyMaggie l.


    Maggie has been recognized for her willingness to go the extra mile to insure the success of Sunstone and our commitment to each and every customer. In a relatively short amount of time she has made it a goal to learn and develop her skills in the shipping processes. She is looked up to by her fellow co-workers as someone they can go to for help and leadership. She communicates and works well with other departments. She is consistently a dependable worker, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Thank you Maggie for all that you do! You have really stepped up to the plate and are greatly appreciated.

    What I like about working at Sunstone?
    "I enjoy working with the friendly people not only in my department, but throughout the company. Sunstone not only cares about their customers, but also about every employee. I am happy to be a part of this team."


June, 2018

  • LJ-JuneLJ S.

    Customer Service/Sales

    LJ started with Sunstone just a little over a year ago, and quickly became a key Sunstone team member who regularly goes that extra mile for both our customers and his teammates. He has gained knowledge in most team activities and has become well diversified, always willing and able to assist wherever needed. He regularly volunteers for weekend and graveyard support check-ins and shows commitment and dedication towards his work. LJ has willingly taken on several additional projects, including but not limited to scheduling, report generation for both the Support and Sales Reps and other items that are critical to maximizing our support and customer engagement activities. LJ’s overall positive attitude and focus on teamwork is greatly appreciated.

    What I like about working at Sunstone? "I enjoy the variety of people I get to communicate with. I love being able to help people with their projects but also be able to add some personal touches to brighten their day. I believe that putting others first can catch like wildfire and bring fulfilment."


May, 2018

  • Doug-MayDoug S. 

    Environmental Health & Safety Tech.

    Doug is a great help to many departments, especially on Saturdays. He is a wonderful team player making himself available to help any department and anyone that needs assistance. He turns on machines and tank heaters for Image, Etch, ELCU and Press so they are ready for the operators when they come in. He helps QC with their scrap bins every week. He helps Image and Etch consistently on Saturdays and always helps with a smile. Doug maintains perfect attendance, and is willing to work any shift to help cover business needs when others have time scheduled off. His flexibility and willingness to step up and help out is so appreciated. Thank you Doug for all you do to help.

    What I like about working at Sunstone? "The working environment, the people I work for & with. I also like that I can work independently and help out occasionally where needed."


March, 2018

  • May2018-ESAshley H.

    Wet Process Area

    Ashley does a great job making sure the etch work keeps moving and most importantly being done right, she is dependable, hard working, follows through, and is always supportive of her team and co-workers. Recently Ashley has taken on learning the RF work at the Etcher, this is a huge help in keeping the RF work moving, her attention to detail and quality helps Sunstone to continue to deliver a quality product that our Customers have come to expect from Sunstone. Sunstone is fortunate to have someone like Ashley on our workforce. Keep up the good work Ashley!


February, 2018

  • DustinJablonskiDustin J.

    CAM Technician

    For his recent contributions at the MakeHarvard event in Cambridge, MA - in addition to his organization and support at the event, Dustin also designed and created a trophy that was awarded to one of the winning teams. His passion for problem solving and helpful “can do” approach helps Sunstone keep the work moving through the shop and shipping on time, resulting in happy and satisfied customers. Thank you Dustin for all you do to support Sunstone employees and Customers.


December, 2017

  • Carrie ACarrie A.


    Sunstone recognizes Carrie A. for going above and beyond her regular work duties to help Sunstone be the best it can be.

    Recently Carrie took on the cleanup efforts of our Doc Packs in the back warehouse. Her ability to stay at it has resulted in the elimination of unnecessary packets and a well organized area. This improvement has helped CAM as well to improve efficiency when searching for packets, having all the packets located in one area is a HUGE benefit. This, along with her ongoing passion to keep safety improvements going is much appreciated. Thank you so much Carrie for all your help in these two key areas.  

    "It's great to have opportunities to step out of the daily routine and contribute to our company in other ways. The task of organizing the doc packets was a challenge, but I like to be able to actually see the improvement. I feel the same about safety, it takes work but it is so worth it, knowing we can make positive changes in the workplace that can benefit everyone. It gives a feeling of pride and being recognized as EOM just makes it better. Thank you Sunstone! "
    - Carrie


October, 2017

  • DeNiseLaFolletteDeNise L.

    Mechanical Operations

    In the absence of her Team Leader, DeNise took on the day to day oversight of the department to help keep things running smoothly. She helped keep the scheduling, staffing and work flow moving.

    Her attention to detail and her great attendance are so valuable to Sunstone and her team.

    Thank you DeNise for you contribution to the success of Sunstone. We appreciate all you do!

    "What I like about working here at Sunstone is that everyone works together with a positive attitude. We treat each other with respect. Our employer not only cares about each customer, they also care about us employees" - DeNise


October, 2017

  • TimTottenTim T.

    Mechanical Operations

    In the absence of his Team Leader, Tim took on some of the day to day oversight of the department to help keep work and quality running smoothly.

    He made sure that all the RF work in Mechanical Operations was completed. He has a keen eye for detail and quality which is a key factor in working with our RF work.
    Thank you Tim for you contributions to the success of Sunstone. We appreciate all you do!

    "What I love about working at Sunstone is that it is like a big family. I also love their dedication to making the customer happy, I have come to expect the same when I contact any customer service. Sadly, I rarely get the level of care Sunstone provides it's customers." - Tim


September, 2017

  • DaveBakerDave B.

    Technical Support Specialist

    Dave consistently goes that extra mile for our customers, for our team and for Sunstone. On a daily basis he does what is needed to make sure every customer issue is addressed, by monitoring the support folder, taking chats and ensuring we have adequate inbound call coverage. When there is an increased amount of activity, Dave does what it takes to make sure every customer is supported and will stay as long is it takes to make sure all customer issues that are time sensitive are taken care of before leaving for the day.

    Dave helps to train our new team members and has become a dependable resource for others. He is well diversified in his proficiency with all our departments daily activities and is one of two Tier 2 technical support agents supporting PCB123, layout services and PCB design questions. Along with his excellent work ethic, Dave is very dependable and has a perfect attendance record while also volunteering to cover for others when the need arises. Dave has risen to be a dependable point resource for both internal and external customers. Thank you Dave!

    "Sunstone is a company of high integrity. We strive to meet and exceed customer's needs. We believe in making our customers succeed." - Dave


June, 2017

  • SUN_avatar_02Theresa R.

    Drill Department

    Please congratulate our Employee of the month for June: Theresa R., from our drill department.

    "Theresa does all she can to ensure our customers get their product on time – her ability to prioritize helps make this happen. Daily when she arrives to work the pressure is on to tackle the last several jobs needing to ship that day – her ability to remain calm under this pressure is so appreciated, all while never sacrificing quality for speed.

    Her ongoing commitment to Sunstone and its customers shows in many ways, her willingness to tackle any project to keep the work moving and her knowledge of knowing what needs to be done without being asked is so valuable to the team. She continually does what it takes to keep the department running smoothly regardless of the task, from manufacturing to housekeeping. We can always count on Theresa to be at work and to get the job done. Thank you Theresa!"


May, 2017

  • sun_team-KariBKari B.


    Please congratulate our Employee of the month for May: Kari B., from our maintenance department.

    "Kari is the best - smart, helpful, thorough, and dependable - she sees what needs to be done and finds a way to do it, smiling and willing and unobtrusive as well. She takes pride in her work and understands how important her work is to the team. She always goes above and beyond to get things done!" Brainstorming and troubleshooting, and providing constructive feedback when asked. She is always so great to work with and we are very thankful and grateful she is on our team!"

    During the month of May amongst other things - she helped get the Plate floor repaired, took the initiative to begin the process to “5S” the maintenance department and became trained on punch repair.
    Along with these accomplishments also finds time to support our Safety and Wellness committees.

    "Thank you Kari for all you do to support Sunstone and doing it with a smile.” Your efforts are recognized, Kari, and we are so happy to have you on Team Sunstone!
    Sunstone Leadership Team.  

    "What I like about Sunstone is the health and wellness culture here." Kari B.


April, 2017

  • sun_team-TanyaGTanya G.

    Shipping Department

    Please congratulate our Employee of the month for April: Tanya Gonzalez, from our shipping department.

    For going the extra mile to learn and understand the processes of the new ERP system. Her willingness to resolve any needs that may arise and in doing so helping Sunstone maintain its high level of Customer Service. She is a dependable employee always eager to help out her fellow co-worker in any way she can….volunteering to work Saturdays and to fill in the gap wherever needed.

    Thank you Tanya for all you do to support Sunstone and doing it with a smile.” Your efforts are recognized, Tanya, and we are so happy to have you on Team Sunstone!
    Sunstone Leadership Team. 

    "Sunstone has become a second family to me. I love working for an amazing company with awesome co-workers. I look forward to being a part of this team for many more years." Tanya

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