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Soldermask is functionally the "mask layer" that defines the size and location of all of the solderable surfaces of a PCB. This layer protects much of the copper surface of the PCB from oxidation and allows the other conductors of the outer layers to remain isolated during assembly processes. 

Green soldermask has long been the industry standard color. Sunstone has offered a variety of additional soldermask colors (blue, black, red and white) through PCBExpress, PCBpro and Custom Quote to allow further customization to your PCB. Now we have ORANGE, PURPLE AND YELLOW!

Proud of your alma matter?  Customize your PCB with your school colors. 

See soldermask capabilities for the minimum dam widths, clearances and registration tolerances. HAVE SOME FUN!

Choose the color you want in the soldermask drop-down menu of the quote form. 

  • ValueProto® is available in green soldermask only.  Selection of a colored soldermask will change to a PCBExpress product. 


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