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Our customers tell us that navigating our website for quoting, ordering and account information is fast and easy. BUT, if you get stuck, or need to discuss a project, we are here with live support.

Sunstone Circuits remains committed to providing the best technical support in the printed circuit board industry. Anyone seeking answers or assistance can contact our technical support representatives or our Customer Service team that offers the best concierge service in the industry - including Spanish speaking support.

Sunstone Circuits has full Technical Support Staff and a large on-site CAM Team, keeping your projects on time and on budget. With their help, issues are caught early on, saving you time and money.


Don't take our word for it, read what our customers have to say!


“When I arrive at the office this morning I was blown away to find that there was a box waiting for me from Sunstone, and it had a complete new set of boards inside. You have amazing customer support and responded to my problem with amazing speed, proven by your ability to turn out a new set of boards and ship them out in a single weekend. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, I greatly appreciate it.”
– Michael Congdon, Starfire Industries - Champaign, IL


"Your customer service really knows how to address the needs of its customers. Not only in the order process, but also in being very reactive to help stop an order before it got put into the system. Not only does this save time and funds, but it really goes to show how well your company works with its customers for repeat business. Thank you very much! Your quality, delivery, pricing and customer service are all the ingredients for a “Best In Class” company. All other companies should use you as their benchmark."
– S. Daigle, - Austin, Texas

“The process with Sunstone just makes our work life easier. Fast quotes, an expert on the other end of the line-it really supports our competitive advantage."
– Mark Kuhn, Oat Foundry



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