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Unveiling an unbeatable union!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the acquisition of Sunstone Circuits LLC by American Standard Circuits. The combination of these two companies creates a dynamic partnership that we feel is going to revolutionize the printed circuit board manufacturing landscape. This strategic alliance will bring about several advantages to you as our partner and customer.

Sunstone will continue to manufacture and support all of your projects as you have come to expect. Our entire Sunstone team will remain intact and you will not see any changes in service, quality or pricing. You will have access to expanded capabilities, certifications, manufacturing know how, speed and quality like never before.

Prepare to witness a new era of excellence as American Standard Circuits and Sunstone Circuits synergize their unrivaled expertise, resources, and cutting-edge technologies. By combining our strengths and shared commitment to innovation, we have formed an unbeatable alliance that is poised to redefine the boundaries of customer value in the PCB industry.  Here are just a few of the many benefits, you the customer, will enjoy with this union.

  • Expanded Capabilities: The merger brings together a comprehensive suite of PCB types, materials, and certifications. Customers will enjoy an extensive range of options and expanded capabilities.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Expertise: The combined expertise and resources of American Standard Circuits and Sunstone Circuits empower customers with expanded manufacturing capacity.
  • Global Sourcing: ASC's global sourcing division offers customers comprehensive sourcing solutions through a vast network of trusted partners and suppliers worldwide. This allows businesses to access high-quality components, materials, and manufacturing services from various locations globally.
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