DFM Solutions

Sunstone Circuits provides a number of Design For Manufacture (DFM) methods for our customers. These DFM choices range from analyzing the Gerber files immediately prior to manufacturing, to providing rule decks for your CAD layout tool to help designers adhere to manufacturing guidelines with each and every board trace.

Our DFM solutions include:

DFM Add-Ons

With the DFM Add-Ons, layout users can now design with more confidence that their PCB will be manufacturable by Sunstone. By leveraging the Design Rule Checking (DRC) engine built into the CAD tool, and supplying a full complement of Sunstone-specific rules for the CAD Tool's DRC engine, Sunstone ensures that a designer’s work will conform to our published manufacturing capabilities.

Benefits to users of the DFM Add-On include:

  • Reduced costs – Helps eliminate design errors early in the design process, minimizing the need for costly corrections later.
  • Reduced time – Design a PCB more quickly by utilizing an existing rule deck instead of users creating their own.
  • Process simplification – Relieve pain points in the design process by following a rule deck every step of the way.

With the DFM Add-On, our EAGLE customers can verify that their design is in compliance with our DFM guidelines at every step of the design process. The Add-Ons help solve the historical issue of end users having to write their own interpretation of the fabrication vendor’s rules, a process that often leads to errors that are not discovered until late in the design process, thus making them expensive problems to fix.

Sunstone’s DFM Add-On for EAGLE PCB Layout can be downloaded from Sunstone’s website at