ValueProto PCB Prototype Services

Sunstone’s ValueProto PCB Prototype service offers you an affordable option for ordering small quantities of 2-layer boards. Starting at just $28 shipped, these boards are perfect for special projects that don’t require a 24-hour expedite, or if low quantity and value pricing is important. ValueProto is a great way to stick to your budget, while still getting the dependable quality and service of a Sunstone-made board, guaranteed on-time or your PCBs are free..

Quantity: Small quantities
Layers: 2
Lead Time: 5 days

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PCB Prototype Features

  • Boards shipped within 1 week
  • Free UPS ground shipping
  • Up to 2 sides green solder mask with white top side legend optional
  • 23 pre-set finished hole sizes
  • Shape is not limited to rectangles
  • 24/7/365 Email support

ValueProto Requirements

  • Credit card orders only
  • Product only available in the USA. For customers in Canada or Mexico, please call support at 1.800.228.8198 for assistance placing your order. For all other International orders, try PCBexpress.
  • Minimum trace/space is 0.006" (6 mil)
  • Tin-lead finish only
  • Slots / Cutouts not available 
  • Complete package of files must include 6 Gerber RS274X files (one for each copper, solder mask, and legend, as well as the board outline).
  • The package must also include an NC Drill File in Excellon format, specifying the location of all plated holes supported in this service.
  • Single sided boards are acceptable ONLY if a blank file is added to all areas where layers are required to be mapped.